Blockchain Business Strategy Consulting

Blockchain is revolutionising business processes, creating new business models and changing economic systems. The technology which has disrupted the financial sector is now transforming a broad range of other industries such as, media and entertainment, education, the government, healthcare, and energy.

Blokkad’s collaborative approach and dedicated expertise integrate strategic management with digital transformation to provide businesses with detailed guidance on blockchain projects design and implementation.

Through interactive workshops, we help you in determining if blockchain is the right solution and assist you to align your strategic goals with the impact blockchain may have on your business. We accompany you to transform your business in the digital age from strategy, through design, to realisation.

What we offer

At Blokkad, we accompany our clients to develop and execute their blockchain business strategies. To do so, we divided our Blockchain Business Strategy Consulting into two (2) main services:

  • Blockchain business strategy realisation


We work with our clients to discover the insights on blockchain-based projects and business plan prototyping. industry and market analysis, and creation of proof of concept to develop comprehensive strategies for blockchain strategy realisation. We help organisations to employ blockchain solutions to increase operational efficiencies (Evolution) and implement new business opportunities (Revolution).  

  • Blockchain project design and implementation


We evaluate your organisation’s goals and assess the applicability of blockchain solutions and impact to the business to help you identify and prioritize key revolutions. We offer a holistic solution which encompasses people, process, operations, and technology to maximize organisational transformation across your business.


We simplify the perceived complexities of blockchain project by providing end-to-end project management support for blockchain project design and implementation for a successful implementation of blockchain solutions that deliver a significant competitive business advantage. Our services go beyond the internal process and help the third-party integration process to assure that each solution fits within existing systems to meet future demand.

Our approach


  • Data-driven business strategy design and realisation

  • A 360-degree collaborative and interactive style

  • Proactive and forward-looking attitude

Your benefits


  • You focus on what you do best (business) and we do the rest

  • Having an independent and specialised professional opinion on blockchain matters

  • You seize the business potential of blockchain while being advised of the best practice.


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