Blockchain for Financial Professionals

The present global financial system is full of inefficiencies such as delays and high cost of financial transactions. The trigger of the financial services inefficiencies is the multiple middlemen who are involved in the global payment system. The delays in financial services process are the primary driver of financial risks while the high cost of financial transactions makes the financial services elite.

Blockchain technology has proved its potentials to disrupt the core functions of the financial services sector by cutting the middlemen, improving the speed and lowering or eliminating the cost of global payments. There is an absolute necessity for Financial service providers such as bankers to revolutionise their business strategies in order to avoid obsolescence.


Blockchain is leading us in a new age of financial services which are more efficient, inclusive, secure, free and open. A successful transition will create a new economic system which will produce better prosperity for the many, instead of more wealth for the few as it is today.

Blokkad support financial services providers to assess inefficiencies in their operations and how they can leverage on blockchain technology solutions to revolutionise their business strategies in order to remain competitive on the market.

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