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Managing change can be cumbersome, filled with complexities, and productivity uncertainties. It encompasses the shift from the usual habits both individual and organisational level to confronting new challenges. We understand that a successful and efficient transition from the “comfort zone” to transforming scaring ambitions into the new usual practices is what defines the success of organisations’ change process.

What we offer

We accompany our clients to develop and execute the change management plan with successful implementation. To do so, we divided our Change Management Consulting in two (2) main services:

  • Design, Review, Monitoring of change management plan


Blokkad specialises in blockchain business strategy. We assist organisations in designing and integration of blockchain solutions into business processes to maximise efficiencies that deliver significant competitive advantage. We further provide our clients with end-to-end project management support in the development and implementation of blockchain business plans. To achieve this milestone we follow the following steps:


To blockchain or not to blockchain?: Our first step explores the organisation’s business and process help to understand whether Blockchain is a good fit for the organisation. We work with organisations to assess the necessity of blockchain in the business through a blockchain decision tree.

SWOT Analysis:  As part of assessing the feasibility of implementation of change, we help our clients to evaluate the challenges and other limiting factors as well as recognising the opportunities and strengths. We help in availing sufficient resources and information necessary to bring together the key stakeholders and secure their full commitment.

Evaluation and recommendations: We accompany our clients throughout all phases of the plan providing the forward-looking insights necessary to assess the performance in a proactive manner.  Through the structured evaluations, we provide recommendations which in turn drives the changes to change management.

  • Tailored Training and executive coaching

We are aware that organisations have challenges of blockchain skills gaps at the employee and executive-level. We help organisations to identify the skills necessary for a successful implementation of blockchain business strategy. We further offer tailored training and coaching to equip teams with the necessary skills. The pieces of training are designed to give teams, the skills necessary to sustain the moral, drive the change and minimise resistance.


With our extensive range of knowledge and expertise on the subject matter, we design a specialised executive coaching program for blockchain projects leaders and senior executives. Such programs put the hand of the skills and technics required to drive a successful blockchain business strategy implementation

Our approach


  • Data-driven Change management 

  • A 360-degree collaborative and interactive style

  • Proactive and forward-looking attitude

Your benefits


  • You focus on what you do best (your business) and we take care of the rest

  • Having an independent and specialised professional opinion on change management matters

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