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The business of any business is merely managing the risks. Managing risks in the disrupted world have become more complex than ever. Organisations are leveraging on data-driven risk management framework not only as survival to the disruptions but also as a contingent plan and competitive advantage.

What we offer

We understand that today's dynamic world needs a forward-looking and proactive risk management framework as opposed to a reactive and static risk management framework. We also believe that when it comes to risk management, there is no one size fit all. To help organisations to establish a risk management framework which is tailored to their business strategies and risk appetite, our Risk Management Advisory is split in into five pillars:

  • Business Process definition


As the digital economy emerges, automating manual processes has become one of the key strategies for organisations. However, the shift from manual to automated process present new risk exposures.

Process definition: we work with businesses to reassess and redesign processes to ensure a successful transition and maximum operational efficiency. We believe that with growing stakeholders' expectations; transparent and simple processes present stakeholders with clarity.

Our process-risk-control triangle approach provides our clients with a deep understanding of the relationship between processes, risks and controls. We understand that effective risk management depends on how efficient business processes are.

  • Internal Control System 


Control design: through our risk-based control approach, we support organisations to assess the possible what could go wrong in business processes and help in designing adequate controls to mitigate the risks. 

Control testing: we further assist our clients in testing the controls to ensure that they are implemented and are operating effectively.

  • Business Continuity Management realisation


In a highly disrupted business environment like the one we are living today, business continuity management is heavily relying on the contingency plan, as an essential tool for risk management. We understand that effective business continuity management should be able to respond to micro-environment disruptions as well as macro-environment disruptions. It should be able to respond to emergencies as well as short to long term shocks.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) realisation: We assist our clients in defining and implementing an effective business continuity plan.

BCP checklist monitoring: We work with organisations to establish a comprehensive business continuity plan checklist to help them keep track of necessary means and possible gaps.

  • Enterprise Risk Management


We help our clients to navigate beyond a process-based risk approach and approach the emerging risks with confidence and turn them into opportunities and competitive advantages to their business strategies.​

  • Emerging Risks Advisory


As the world of business changes, new risks emerges, and existing risks become less troublesome. An agile approach to such troublesome risk business environment is indispensable. We help organisations to understand the emerging risks and to align their business strategies with risk appetite. We pay particular consideration to:

  • Regal and compliance risk

  • Cyber and digital risks

Our approach


  • Process-risk-control methodology

  • Data-driven risk management 

  • A 360-degree collaborative and interactive style

  • Proactive and forward-looking attitude

Your benefits

  • You focus on what you do best (business) and we do the rest

  • Having an independent and specialised professional opinion on risk management matters save you from exposure to conflict of interest

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